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Ultra Hyperball

by Springloaded

Ramen Shop 01:10
Survivor 01:24


The soundtrack to our switch exclusive game - Ultra Hyperball

In the ultimate sport of Hyperball, have you got what it takes to be the ultimate champion!
Climb the ranks in the game's single-player story mode. Play as Jay, an unlikely hero, battling against the odds to join the Hyperball league!

for this soundtrack, I used a bit of the Megadrive sound chip blended with the Famicom - to create an ungodly Nintendo/Sega combo! it's weird I used to really hate the Megadrive sounds because they are too synthy to be Chip, and too chippy to be synth, which makes it just sound cheap and like any other general midi sound card from the early 90's. This game had me thinking about the feel of games like Speedball, NHL Hockey and a few other classic games from the Megadrive, which made me yearn for that weird slap bass sound used in so many Megadrive games, so I out it in, and it made me happy. I am not suggesting the game is like these games, more its presentation and colour palette takes has that super saturated 90's feel.

I wrote a couple of pretty bad pieces of music (Survivor / Hyperball champions) but when putting the game together there are places where you only hear a few seconds of a track (when you lose a game or something), so those tracks that probably should have been thrown away got used anyway.


released June 3, 2017

All songs written/recorded by James Barnard


all rights reserved



Springloaded Games

Springloaded is an indie games company started by James Barnard, who along with making games, also has a love of chip tunes, punk rock, and a few other musical styles here and there.
The purity and heaviness of an unmodified square wave defines it as the best sound in the universe.
Come back for regular new releases to coincide with each of our new games.
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