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The Next Epoch (Songs from Let's Build a Zoo)

by James Barnard

Greed 01:13


So when writing music for LBAZ, I was hit with some vocal part ideas. so I recorded them (I have this feeling I forgot one!)

So "The Next Epoch" and "You were Everything" are just me singing over LBAZ tracks.

"I'd Like to Die Here" Is actually a song from when I was 16/17 or something, Richard (who played with me in the merge/dragline/sludgefeast) came up with the original bass line, and then I stuck everything else on top. So the lyrics, and overtly "sing-a-long" chorus are from the mind of a 16/17 year old version of me. I was going through some old tapes, and upon hearing the song I suddenly decided to record it. The song is about committing suicide in the ocean....because teen angst. Although all the songs here are about something pretty bleak, so I guess I haven't changed all the much.

The last track "Greed" Was intended to play at the end of the game, if you completed the "dark" play though. So you would kill a billion animals, and have "all the money", so this sort of sad "Well now you got it all" was intended to play to let you revel in your evil hollow victory. Who knows - one day I might still stick it in.

And if you were wondering, "You Were Everything" is not a love song, its a song about the end of human civilization. Its an Apocalypse Party Song, with a small sprinkling of love.


released December 27, 2021


all rights reserved



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