Campaign Clicker

by Springloaded

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OST for the game, I wanted this game to be super varied in terms of music.

Being a game about politics istarted out making big marching band style stuff, but just listening to that style of music made me want to vomit a bit.

So while I realise that this style of music represents the showmanship of the political dog and pony show, there is a more serious message underneath, so I flipped between the first style and the more thoughtful percussive music that fills most of the soundtrack. I wanted people to realise that underneath all the fun there is actually something fairly serious going on with the games content.

Finally, it's America, and I love classic rock as much as the next heavy metal fan, so I couldn't really have a game about America without some classic USA-Hard-Rock! During the game there are some unexpected moments, here the player is tasked with blowing things up, or watching an eagle fly around the screen, so guitar solos and patriotic lyrics really seemed like the only choice.

I recorded it all in my office. Screaming my lungs out at 5am in the morning after several hours of really loud guitar solos was a sureal experience.


released March 29, 2016

Written/Performed by James Barnard


all rights reserved



Springloaded Games

Springloaded is an indie games company started by James Barnard, who along with making games, also has a love of chip tunes, and a few other musical styles here and there.
The purity and heaviness of an unmodified square wave defines it as the best sound in the universe.
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